Merchant Engineering College

III Cell People

Sr. No. Name Designation Email Mobile Office Number
1. Mr Nimesh Patel Director 9898008200 079-26309777
2. Mr. Vijay N. Patel Director 9979511444 079-40033080

Faculty Coordinators

Sr. No. Name Department Email Mobile
1. Prof. Alok Chaudhary Mechanical 9723706166
2. Prof. Hardik Patel Automobile 9974540382
3. Prof. A. M. Patel Civil 9723706163
4. Prof. Ketan Modi Computer 9723706169
5. Prof. H. H. Raval Electrical 9723706168
6. Prof. Ketan Patel EC 9723706181

Student Coordinators

Sr. No. Name Department Email Mobile
1. Patel Kishankumar Bhikhabhai Mechanical 7818070706
2. Chaudhari Mayankkumar Rajeshbhai Automobile 9712214241
3. Bhoye Jigneshkumar Jahirambhai Civil 9726397224
4. Joshi Jignesh Arvindbhai Computer 9909366341
5. John Ramesh Gamit Electrical 8758061343
6. Vasava Sanjaybhai Sunilbhai EC 9723706181
7. Zuber Khan M.E. Production 8320930055
8. Vijayraj Valvi M.E. A.M.S 9586322282
9. Sharma Jaykishan M.E. Power Systems 9427771166
10. Chaudhari Tejashkumar Hasmukhbhai M.E. Software Engg. 7874347274

Placement Cell Activities

A. Campus Placements

Campus interviews are organized by inviting various companies for the placements of the students for jobs. It fulfills dual purposes, one for students securing their future career, and industry securing the best fresh talents available in the region.

B. Industry Meet

III-Cell organizes industrial meet at the institute. Two such meets were organized by the III-Cell. Both the meets proved fruitful for the students, faculty and the industry personnel. Future plans for next meet will be announced shortly.

C. Industries involvement in course curriculum design

In various academic bodies, there is adequate representation of industry expert which makes the curriculum rich and relevant to industries

D. Expert Lectures

III-Cell organizes expert lecture series during seminar or at the department level in coordination with student organizations. Such lectures familiarize the students and the faculty with the state - of - art industry practices and their correlation with the textbook material.

E. Continuing Education Program

Institute has enough expertise to arrange continuing education programs for person working in industry; it is one of the regular features of the institute

F. Industrial Training for the Students

Training is the integral part of the study to acknowledge them for real world problems. Students are placed at various industries for 6 to 8 weeks and under supervision and guidance of respective industry personnel. The faculty carries out monitoring and evaluation regularly.

G. Industrial Visit – Study Tour

In each semester, industry visits of the students with faculty members are organized to the relevant industries at various locations. It serves the objective of exposure to large-scale practical applications of theoretical aspects for the students.

H. Student Projects

Students prepare the projects reflecting the needs and problems of the industry. Institute faculty interacts with industry personnel for successful implementation of such projects.

I. Training for the Faculty

Faculty is deputed to the industry to gain firsthand experience on industrial plants and processes. This exposure enhances the teaching capability of the faculty and allows them to enrich their classroom delivery.

J. Career Orientation Programs

Programs to orient students about industry expectations are organized. Additional seminars are undertaken by the students in each semester to improve learning in the areas like Literature Survey, Personality Development, Group Discussion and Presentation Skills. Moreover, opportunities of Technologies for communication skills enhancement are provided.